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make it meaningful

You only get one chance in life.

You are born into life by another giving you a chance at life.

If you kindly pass on the goodness to others, you also stand to benefit from the good you give.

See, when you do good, it makes you feel good. You make a difference in life.

But it should be done in good faith. It should not be for expecting something in return. Of course,

A simple Thank You would suffice. When we do something good for others, it makes us feel good inside. That is like a win-win. It’s when we expect a reward for doing something that it becomes selfish or egotistical.

We tend to let ourselves get disappointed for expecting others to reward us for simple and kind gestures that a mere word of thanks would suffice. We always want the next thing in line and don’t appreciate what we have before us. We take the smallest things in life for granted and in doing so, teaching our future generations to do the same. After all, there’s plenty where that came from right?!

Wrong! See, life has a funny way of teaching us a few lessons. Some hardships make us stronger and wiser. Some rise from them and grow from the lessons they learned. Some become bitter and pessimistic about life in general. I’ve gone through certain things and I will admit, I was bitter for a while. I noticed that sympathy will only go so far. I’ve also learned that staying mad and angry all the time actually makes things worse. You push people away and as the law of attraction says; the negative energy will only bring more negative energy and bad things would continue to happen.

And so, on to a better path of learning to appreciate all we currently have going for us instead of what’s not working out. Reading many books on personal growth and actually incorporating some of the advice given. Yes, having an attitude of gratitude actually does help turn your life around.

Life is all about the choices you make. Every decision you make throughout the course of the day, every single day. We all have our ups and downs. It’s how you choose to learn from the downside and appreciate or even share the good stuff. 

It’s empathizing with and helping out where you can. Just because things are working out for you, does not mean you should bypass those that would benefit from your help. You could find yourself on the opposite end of a situation one day and I am positive that you’d appreciate someone’s helpful advice. Be careful what you say in some situations as you never know the day that it will find it’s way back to you!

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Craftcleaning or clean craft?

So this happens to me quite a bit. I have intentions to do some cleaning or rather some rearranging in my craft room and rather than actually getting ahead, I let myself get sidetracked by some art projects. I guess some people would call it procrastination, and maybe in some way it is. I call it craft cleaning. Recycling parts of a Kleenex box to create bookmarks or using part of a cardboard paper to create a vision board or making envelopes to store coupons. See, although somethings do get sorted out and thrown out, some parts get a second chance to be repurposed as something else that can be rather useful.

I love stickers, I have a ton of them. In the past, I would just collect them to use them for cards or scrapbooking. I recently took it upon organizing and planning. Yes, I just so happen to have many for that specific reason too. But I also like to use them on bookmarks and other areas. After all, you never know when you might need that sparkling star or a motivating quote. It looks nicer and it helps bring a  smile to someone with just the right words… and that little bit of glitter for some pizazz.

So basically, although it may look like not much is getting done; next time you’re looking for that perfect bookmark for your book or what to get for a teacher for Valentine’s or Halloween or Christmas for that matter. Look no further than what you actually have that can be repurposed for a thoughtful gift. Things don’t always need to be pricey to be meaningful. The time it takes to create personalized gifts is just as important.

Eventually, somethings will find their way into the trash bin or in the recycling bin. Somethings will also find their way into the for sale bin, or to give to others that might have a need. Constant rearranging and storing of crafts or other items to create crafts is good. But not all understand a hobby for entertaining or just because it brings happiness. Some people view it as junk and that’s where I draw the line. Just because it’s not something you like or enjoy, does not give you the right to negatively comment or degrade someone’s belongings. If you don’t have anything nice to say, move along and don’t say anything. Respect is a two-way street after all.

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time flies when you are busy living

It’s been a long time since I posted. So much has happened since. I think one of the best things however is; that I became a better person. You see, I was in a bit of a rut for a while. I was living as a victim, feeling that with everything I had been through, I deserved some much support. In big ways. As in, I deserve to win something or be compensated for because of what I had been through recently. Then, I got sick again. It was almost a small blessing in disguise. I “woke” up from this fog. This spell I was under. I had what Oprah would call, my “aha” moment.

That’s when I realized of all the opportunities I had missed out on and the moments I would never get back because I was mad at everything that was happening around me and the negativity I was experiencing. I was mad at myself, at my employer, people I met. Everything and everyone. And then, I realized I was only cheating myself. I had some major catching up to do.

Right away, I started to change my ways. I started to embrace life. I went out and got myself a little “gratitude” book so that I could start writing in it everything I was grateful for. Every day, I make it a point to write something down. Every day, I make it a point to take the time to appreciate the good things around me. To be the best I can be with what I have and how I can. Some days are easier than others but no one said it would be an easy process. A learning curve to a better me. I couldn’t have done it without the help and support of my family, but most importantly, I also could not have done it if I didn’t want to.

You see, one of the most important things I’ve learned is that no matter what you can do to try to help someone at any given time; if they are unwilling to want to take the step forward to even try to help themselves; it’s a moot point. For any issue in life, you are responsible for how you react to it. How you face it. Any obstacle in life, you have the option to choose the direction of how you will let it affect you. You and only you, have the power to a greater potential. But ultimately, you have to make the decisions on what you will do about it.

Though no life is the same, and though no obstacle will be experienced quite the same way, we all have issues and obstacles. If we let them define us for who we are and why we cannot do or achieve anything in life, it’s no one else’s fault but our own. If we use them as lessons learned and turn them into opportunities, they will allow us to become a better person. And better yet, if we can share our success with those we love and share our knowledge with others, then isn’t that what we have been taught life is all about?

The last month and a half has been a journey of rediscovery. Yes, I let things slide on my blog. Sorry to my readers out there. But thank you for being so patient with me. I have been doing some little crafts here and there when I could and I will be posting more pics up in a bit. Though this was not much of a crafting edition (trust me, the next few will have plenty of ideas). I will definitely be making more time to post.

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Oh for markers’ sake

The other night, my wonderful daughter, decided she wanted me to help her for the 100 days of school project. Great! What you want me to help with. It says here it has to be something you don’t mind not bringing back home as it will be glued somewhere? Ok. Mommy, she said, we can make something like tags or flowers or whatever. Ok, we could. So, off to my basement craft room I go. I so need to clean up in here but any opportunity to craft calls out to me.

I find paper, too plain. What if I put colorful tape on it? So I try two strips and then take 1 of the few paper punchers I found. Not working too great as the tape impedes the knife in the cutter to be properly cut out. Ok, what if I use markers? So we look for colors. As I pick up a pink one that has the paint brush effect; I noticed that it’s squashed. What happened to this one? Did you play with it? It was an accident she said. I stopped. Took a nice long deep breath. Ok ok, a few long deep breaths. I calmly explained to her that these markers don’t necessarily come cheap and crushing them is NOT an accident. When you jam a marker to paper and keep crushing it, it is not an accident. I showed her that it was now ruined and I would need to discard it. I managed to use it a little but it was not a pretty sight.

Taking out all the other markers from that line and showed her one at a time how to use them. I also explained that these are tools of the crafting trade and like anything, they need to be respected and used properly. I went on to explain that should she demonstrate to me that she was responsible to handle markers and not break other ones, I would allow her to use other tools. I also emphasized that if she were to keep breaking them instead; I would limit her access to my things and take away her own things.

It pains me to do this, I don’t enjoy punishing them. I’d rather encourage them as much as possible. So I threw in a couple of positive vibes and let her try the paper punches for fun. She was super happy. I did remind her that for now at least, I would let her use somethings but only under supervision. To ensure that she understood how to use them and not have any further accidents.

We ended up making small flowers. Colorful cute flowers. Made some extra so that she can keep for a future project like a card or poster or whatever she wanted to use them for. I am a little anxious to see the teacher’s reactions and also to be able to help her with future projects. She’s very creative and loves to craft. Currently enjoys trying to draw all her plush animals and color them, then cuts them out. She’s pretty good at it and I am very proud of her.

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New Year; new goals

Yes, new year and new goals. I can’t believe that one month is already over. It seemed so slow at the beginning and yet it feels like it zoomed by.

There were a few challenges but of course, that’s to be expected right? In any event, a challenge becomes a learning curve. The other thing about challenges is that, although they seem difficult at the beginning, we usually overcome them and jump right into the next one.

One of my challenges this month was not being able to craft as much as I wanted to. I had these grand plans to make all the decorations for my daughter’s birthday and all and I did zilch. That’s right none. Okay, in my defense, I managed to make a few small things. But they were far from the ideas I had. I had no choice but to go to get stuff for some decorations and the swag bags and the cake! Luckily, my daughter was super happy regardless. My son’s 1st first birthday is coming up in a couple of months and I really hope I do a much better job at organizing that one.

Ah well, we do what we can with what we have right? I mean, maybe I handled it wrong. I could have better time management, I could have asked others to help in some ways. But I didn’t. I tried to be supermom and tried to do everything or at least take charge at everything; only to realize that it’s a recipe for failure. Everyone knows that assigning tasks helps get things done. Provided that you assign the right tasks to the right people of course.

Challenges are faced by everyone. I have to admit, some people view challenges differently and that, of course, is to be expected. We are after all different in many ways and that’s what makes us great. If everyone were exactly the same, it’d make life a little boring. Don’t you think? To think that we all face the same challenges and the same issues at the same time is false. We do face similar challenges at similar intervals in our lives. What makes them different is the circumstances. The people around us. The timing. All these can help make these challenges easier or more difficult to overcome. I am forever grateful for the people in my life that made certain challenges more bearable for me and for my growing family.

If I were to tell my story the way it happened some might say that it wasn’t so bad, I went through worse. Okay, STOP right there. That’s our problem. We all do that. We not only compare, we compete for whose misery was worse. WHY? Why must we try to undermine someone else’s story? Why must we try to come out looking like a bunch of warriors versus others? Our issues are not better than theirs. Our story is not better than theirs. Some people may just be better storytellers. Making things grand, amplifying things here and there; whilst some people are rather humble and minimizing information to make things less traumatizing.

So here’s my question for you to think about. When you talk about certain events in your life, do you tend to amplify the gravity of the situation or do you try to minimize some details to spare the drama?

My goals for next month is to be better than this one.

Here’s a pic of the cake